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In the New Testament, the greek word translated "power" is dunamis, the source of the english words dynamic and dynamite, both of which are easily associeted with power. In edition, dunamis can also be translated mighty works and wonderful works and Ability. We believe God gives us dunamis to perform His mighty and wonderful work on the earth today. Although we are not works based (The Law), we believe you will know them by their Fruit (Works). These signs will follow those who BELIEVE!! Mark 16:17

Pastor Danon Winter

Danon Winter has a huge heart for people and seeing them transformed by Gods Grace. He grew up in South Florida very active in sports and attended UNF in Jacksonville, FL playing baseball and started a surfing ministry.  He was called to full time ministry and left his beloved sport to play on God's team.  God sent him to Charis Bible College in Colorado.   After graduation, as he was leaving to head home to Jacksonville, FL, the Holy Spirit told him to start a Charis Bible College campus in Florida.  He went  to Andrew Wommack and that was the conception of what eventually became ten Charis Bible College campuses in Florida with over 2,000 graduates.  As a result of Danon's obedience to God, there are now Charis Bible College campuses all over the world including the United States.  This birthed Dunamis Ministries International, as Danon saw God move in great power to touch and change the lives of many people.  Dunamis Ministries International includes Momentum Church where Danon serves as the Senior Pastor, and Transformation Bible College with Danon as the Executive Director.

Danon Winter
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